General terms and Conditions of Use

For Customers

Company Information

1 General Conditions

GlobalLinguals provides services involving the translation of text and other documents to their customers for fee via their website. These translations are implemented by GlobalLinguals in house staff or translators contracted by the same. Our services are made available and processed exclusively through the use of our website GlobalLinguals. The customer is considered to be doing business with GlobalLinguals only, our translators are either contracted by our company, or direct employees.

2 Contract Formation

(1) Customers may contact GlobalLinguals via our website to receive a quote and time sensitive price evaluation, either through a representative or via our price calculator plug-in. The contract between GlobalLinguals and the customer comes into effect upon the confirmation of an order by the customer at GlobalLinguals. GlobalLinguals retains the right to revoke the contract for any reason outlined in §3. Should the project be rejected, neither party is required to receive services or claim reimbursement

(2) Under certain circumstances GlobalLinguals may require a written verification for an advancement payment, or a submission of a bank declaration of surety before providing services.

(3) Only those deadlines confirmed in writing by GlobalLinguals are valid.

3 Scope of Services

(1) GlobalLinguals will provide translation services for text provided by the customer, into the requested language by a professional contracted translator. These services shall be rendered in an appropriate manner to ensure the translation is carried out in it's entirety, without omissions, additions, or changes to content.

(2) Only that terminology established by the customer as part of the agreement, with sufficient and complete documentation including prior translations and glossaries supplied upon placing the order will be taken into consideration. Otherwise, all terms will be translated in accordance with those established guidelines for quality established in section 1.

(3) Translations is only guaranteed to be performed on text submissions, pictures provided as part of the text may be translated by GlobalLinguals, who retains the right to refuse such services at their discretion. GlobalLinguals also retains the right to refuse services is the text contains subject matter that may make GlobalLinguals culpable to violations of public morals in relevant areas. Compensation is not required if the submitted material is rejected.

4 Acceptance, Obligation to give notice of Defects and Correction

(1) The translated text will be made available to the customer on the GlobalLinguals server as a downloadable data file. At the time the customer is notified of the translations completion through email, and provided with the addres by which they can download their completed project.

(2) Clear mistakes noted by the customer upon download of the completed project must be reported immediately, in writing, outlining the mistakes in detail. Discrepancies not immediately noticed shall be reported promptly upon discovery. Without these notifications being done in a timely manner, the translation shall be assumed to correctly executed, acknowledged as acceptable, and the contract will be deemed complete.

(3) While GlobalLinguals can receive translation projects by mail, fax, or email, these shall only take place upon prior documented agreement with the company.

(4) Retrieval of their completed project is the sole responsibility of the customer, and GlobalLinguals shall be held exempt from any liability. If other arrangements have been reached and documented in writing, then the possibility of loss of the translation shall be the responsibility of either the customer, or the agent transporting the completed translation.

(5) Should the translated text not be in accordance with the details spelled out in the contractual agreement, the customer shall permit no less than 14 days for GlobalLinguals to provide a correction. These apply only in the instance that the discrepancy was not caused by the customer, either through incorrect or incomplete information, or some fault with the original text.

(6) Should a deadline pass without the translation being received as agreed, the customer may request either a termination of the contract or a reduction should the discrepancy not be resolved in a timely manner. This excludes minor discrepancy that do not cause a significant impact to the overall quality of the translation.

5 Liability, Guarantee and Limitations – The customer’s attention is particularly drawn to this clause

(1) Nothing contained in these conditions shall exclude or limit the liability of the supplier for: death or personal injury caused by negligence, the negligence on the part of it's employees, agents, or subcontractors. Neither in cases of fraud or fraudulent misrepresentation; nor breach of the terms implied by section 2 of the Supply of Goods and Services Act in 1982 (title and quiet possession).

(2) In accordance with the above clause:

GlobalLinguals shall not be held liable to the customer, either in contract, tort, a breach of statutory duty, or any other contingency, for any loss of profit, whether through indirect or consequential loss involved with, or in connection to the contractual agreement; GlobalLinguals's total liability to the customer respecting all other possible losses arising through or in connection with the agreement, whether in contract, tort (including negligence), a breach of statutory duty, or otherwise, shall not exceed the amount charged by GlobalLinguals for the service.

(3) Except as set out in these general terms and conditions, all warranties, conditions and other terms implied by statute or common law are, to the fullest extent permitted by law, excluded from the contract.

(4) Except where explicitly agreed to in writing, GlobalLinguals provides no guarantees that the translation is permissible or appropriate to the customer's intended purpose. This includes, but is not limited to, the instance that the translation is published or used for marketing purposes. All legal risks pertaining to the servitude or publications of the translated texts are exclusively borne by the customer.

6 Termination

(1) Customers retain the right to cancel the order any time prior to the completion of the translation.

(2) Should a customer cancel an order, they are obligated to compensate GlobalLinguals for costs of the completion portion of the translation, to a minimum of 50% of the total possible reimbursement due.

(3) Upon completion of the translation, the documentation shall be return to the customer's termination of the project, without reminder. The customer data, and translated copy provided within the scope of the contract shall be archived by GlobalLinguals for archival purposes, pending specific requests by the customer that their personal data and supplied text be deleted.

7 Rights of Use

When items are created partially, or in whole, within the terms of the copyright law by the translation services, GlobalLinguals shall ensure that the customer may use and process the items in view of the provided translation, without restrictions as to area, content and time. (basic servitude and processing right). The right to modify and disclose the translation and its underlying rights to third parties is included.

8 Compensation and Terms of Payment

(1) Unless otherwise specified within the bounds of the contract, GlobalLinguals shall provide all agreed upon services for billing the cost agreed upon during contract creation, and the respective applicable value added tax.

(2) The obligation for payment due is required upon receipt of the invoice, without any deduction. In the even of payments owing, GlobalLinguals reserves the right to charge interest in the amount of 5% above the respective APR of the . GlobalLinguals is entitled to asser greater arrears damage and/or other claims. The customer is entitled to provide evidence that the amount of damage incurred as a result of the arrears is either non-existent or insignificant.

(3) All rights applicable to the translation shall be restricted from transfer until the payment for said translation has been rendered in full.

9 Compensation-, Retention and Transfer Prohibitions

(1) The customer may charge against the claims of GlobalLinguals only with undisputed or legally determined claims. The customer may exercise a retention right only in the event of such counter claims that result from the same contractual agreement as the claims that are subject to retention right.

(2) Relinquishing of rights resulting from this contract is not permissible without prior agreement of GlobalLinguals.

10 Data protection compliance

To the extent that any data or information belonging to the customer is personal data within the meaning of the Data Protection Act 1998 or equivalent legislation in the territory:

GlobalLinguals will process such data and information only in accordance with the customer’s instructions; GlobalLinguals will not transmit such data and information to a country or territory outside the European Economic Area without the customer's prior express written consent; and GlobalLinguals will take such technical and organizational measures against unauthorized or unlawful processing of such data and information and against accidental loss or destruction of, or damage to, such data and information as are appropriate to the customer as data controller.

11 Basis of our terms of business

(1) GlobalLinguals provides service up to and including those specific within our general business provisions. No other provisions shall be considered, guaranteed, or provided without being first presented in writing as part of a binding contract by GlobalLinguals

(2) Even if not explicitly agreed upon, these terms and conditions shall apply to commercial clients for all current and future transactions.

(3) GlobalLinguals is permitted to modify or amend these terms and conditions as necessary for good business practices. The customer shall be provided notification of any modifications or amendments made to these provisions. Customers are entitled to terminate the contract without seven days notice should the modifications or amendments be found to put them at a disadvantage, after that point these modifications and amendments become valid and binding.

(4) Those subsidiary agreements, provisions, or assertions, including modifications and amendments of this contract must be done in writing to be valid.

12 Final Provisions

(1) Enquires addressed to GlobalLinguals outside the scope of those services outlined in §3 remain unaffected by these business provisions. These include but are not limited to: additional services such as print, HTML-Files, DPT, etc. These provisions shall be agreed upon separately.

(2) All contractual services provided by GlobalLinguals shall be executed as the business domicile of GlobalLinguals, currently in Pakistan

(3) All contracts shall on these general terms and conditions are subject to the Laws of Pakistan

(4) The venue for all legal disputes resulting from this contract shall be the business domicile of GlobalLinguals. This will also apply in the event that the customer lacks, or has come to lack a legal national domicile, or the residence is unknown at the time of the change. GlobalLinguals retains the right to file suit at the customers domicile.

(5) Should a provision of this agreement become invalid, either in whole or part, the remaining provisions shall not be affected. Furthermore, a provision that renders a similar economic result will have been agreed upon should both parties be aware of the invalid provision upon the producing of the contract.