Q: How do I place my order at Globallinguals.com?

You can place your order or you can get free online translation quote in 3 easy steps. STEP 1. Go to HOME PAGE  and upload your source file that needs translation. The number of words to be translated will be automatically calculated. Step 2, you can select the original and targeted language for translation. Step 3, you can select the desired delivery date. Our price calculator will use the given information to determine the cost of the project as well as provide you with a definite delivery date/deadline. This will give you an INSTANT QUOTE. and you can move on to place your order.

 This is the easiest way to utilize our online translation service and get quote within no time.

You can also place an inquire by making a contact via CONTACT US!

Q: What are your working hours?

A: We work 24 hours a day and 7 days a week. Being a top online translation service company, we provide professional translation services all over the world and to keep up with the needs of our clients from across the globe, we provide 24/7 services.

Q: How long does it take to get my quote?

A: Your free translation quote will be available within 24 hours after you place a request. More often, it is even available within the hour you submit the request depending on the flow of orders in our system. You will receive an immediate confirmation that will confirm that your order is being processed. In addition to this, you can use our propriety plug-in “price calculator” to get an estimate instantly.

Q: What do I do if I have an emergency translation requirement or some last minute request?

A: We understand the ever-changing nature of businesses and assignments in the fast changing world of today. Keeping this in mind, we provide round the clock service and customer support. No matter what type of requirement or last minute request you have, our expert translators and team of professionals is there to handle it for you.

You can contact us by phone or email and expect a prompt response, no matter what time you need us. You can also reach us through our SERVICE REQUEST Page.

Q: In which languages do you offer translation services?

A: We offer best online translation services in hundreds of languages and dialects. You just need to tell us what you require and we will find the most suitable translator for your needs.

Q: What types of documents can you translate for me?

A: We translate all types of documents for you. Whether it is financial translation services, medical translation services, legal translation services, IT translation services or any other type of document translation services, we will translate them all for you according to your needs.

Q: My documents are very confidential and require complete privacy. Can I trust you to keep them confidential for me?

A: We employ only the best translators who are bound by a professional code of ethics and confidentiality agreement to protect your documents and sensitive information. All our employees are trained to maintain confidentiality of the client’s documents.

Q: How do I know that I am getting the best value for money and translation services at reasonable rates?

A: GlobalLinguals is well known for being a very affordable and cheap translation company that offers its services at very affordable rates. You can compare our prices and quotes with any other translation service in the industry and you will find our rates most competitive and reasonable. We offer the best value for your money.

What type of documents we translate or what type of file format we accept for translation services?

  • .doc (Microsoft Word)
  • .docx (Microsoft Word Open XML Document)
  • .xls (Microsoft Excel)
  • .xlsx (Microsoft Excel)
  • .odt (Open Document Format for Office Applications)
  • .odf (Open Document Format for Office Applications)
  • .rtf (Rich text format)
  • .txt (Simple Text)
  • .pdf (Adobe portable document format)
  • .pptx (PowerPoint Microsoft Office 2007)
  • .htm (Hypertext Markup Language File)
  • .html (Hypertext Markup Language File)