Looking for a Career in Translation Services – You Have Come to the Right Place

GlobalLinguals has always been proud of its talented team of linguists and translators who work hard to translate even the most difficult of documents and keep its clients satisfied. Being a toponline translation service, we aim to employ the best people and offer great remunerations to keep them happy too.

We seek linguists in more than —- languages who have a passion for translation and communications and want to make it their profession. Our translators are always busy, working on numerous ongoing projects that our clients entrust us to complete from different countries all over the world.

GlobalLinguals has made its name as the best online translation services in the industry by not only offering quality translation services but also by retaining the best translators from all parts of the world. We offer amazing job opportunities for people who are experts of their native languages and want to earn a sizable income translating documents for people in foreign languages.  If you can edit, translate, proof read and rewrite documents in your native language, you are welcome to join our team of translators at GlobalLinguals.

As we are a rapidly growing company, we seek motivated, committed and enthusiastic people to join us and become a part of our team. We offer the best compensations for the right individuals with a flair for passion, hard work and desire to move ahead in life.

Apply only for a job that you feel best suits your skills.

We are a rapidly growing company and need enthusiastic and passionate individuals to join our team. Our list of clients is ever-growing who seek our services to provide them quality and professional translation services within the given deadlines.We seek people who are equally committed to their work and want to become a part of a proficient and reputable team. To work with us, you should:

  • Have good command over your native language
  • Have some experience of working as a translator
  • Have been using the target language for 3 years
  • Be comfortable with terminologies and vocabularies related to translation
  • Have good command over MS-Office
  • Be capable of keeping deadlines
  • A reliable internet connection

If you have got it all – Apply Now to Become a Part of GlobalLinuals Team! please take a step and Apply As Translator.

We are swarmed by requests and quotes for transcription work and we are on lookout for talented and committed transcriptionists to join our team and offer the best translation services. Working with GlobalLinguals offers you the opportunity to work when and where you want; just meet your deadlines and you can enjoy the flexibility of working from home and get paid on time.If you think you have got the skills and the passion to work as a transcriptionist, apply now! and Apply As Transcriber.

Can you speak two languages fluently including your native language? If yes, then you are an ideal candidate to join our team of translators and enjoy very handsome remunerations. Being an interpreter does not require anything else apart from a clear and deep understanding of two or more languages. Enjoy the flexibility of hours and choice of work by working as an interpreter for one of the most successful and reputable online translation services in the industry.If you think you have the enthusiasm and expertise to work as an interpreter, apply now! Go and Apply As Interpreter

Do you have a distinctive voice with a rich baritone and neutral accent? Are you flexible enough to give multiple emotions with your voice and cover a range of reading styles? If yes, then we have a great job opportunity for you. We have stream of clients from all over the world who seek distinctive and sellable voices for their advertising purposes.  Enjoy flexible hours and a handsome pay lending your voice for some great purpose.If you think you have the right voice and the skills to work as a voice over artist, apply now! So, let start, Apply As Voice Over Artist.

Do you enjoy being connected to the social networks all the time and love to Tweet, Facebook and stay LinkedIn with people from over the world? Social media is a great source of revenue for people who understand its potential and know how to work in the constantly changing and updating world of social networking. If you want to earn handsomely while enjoying what you love, consider join GlobalLinguals as a social media manager.If you love to stay connected and want to earn handsomely too, apply now to become a part of GlobalLinguals!

Apply As Social Media Manager.


Being a top translation service company, we require skilled and competent email marketers who can work from home and manage multiple campaigns. The main task of email marketers is to make use of the email data keeping in mind our terms and conditions and market our company the best way.If you are an efficient computer operator and understand the marketing necessity, apply now for post of an email marketer with GlobalLinguals.

 Apply As Email Marketer.